Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Holiday make-up

Hi guys!! Well the time has come for my annual holiday to California (I am half American) and In packing last night I started thinking about make-up. I have brought one massive bag of make-up for my suitcase and a smaller make-up bag. Now is it just me but that is a lot especially for a family beach holiday, am I right? However I am unable to bring myself to get rid of anything as i worry that I just MIGHT need it haha. What do think does that sound a bit extreme??
Anyway I bringing quite a bit of money designated mainly to clothes and make-up (obviously in particular make-up haha) so any products you can particularily reccommend that CAN'T be bought in England??
On another note I have also bought a liitle pack of goodies for the plane. When I say goodies I mean all the items I bring on flight to ensure that I look off the plane perfect- or anyway atleast bearable after a 10 hour flight. From all the flying I have done in my life I can definately recommend on long flight some sort of comfy clothes like leggings or tracksuits, also bring face wipes to get the make-up off durng the flight and replace it just before you land. Eyedrops and sunglasses I would definately recommend... THere are lots of other things to make flight more enjoyable but I won't bore you with any others...
Anyway I may not have time over the next two weeks for a post but I hope I will have a lot of hauling tgo show you ;) so I hope you all have a couple of lovely stress free weeks :)


  1. :( I want to go to California..

    I would suggest cover girl lash blast and there lipstains

  2. YEah i love it here :)

    I'm definately gonna check them out thankyou :)