Sunday, 5 September 2010

The realness of concealness..

Okay, so Iborrowed the name of the blog post from a different benefit product but I feel this name works for this amazing product. The product is Benefit's Boi-ing concealer. For the last 2 years this product has been my go to concealer. For me its the best product for hiding any bags under your eyes making you look more awake.
Saying that, I recommend if you have a medium skin tone like me definately use the palest shade (warm it up with any powder if necessary) as i've tried the second shade the colour is pretty bad- orangey :(
It's fairly pricey around £16 for the little pot so I got mine in California for $20 (with tax it is pretty much the same.) As you can see in the picture to the left is my used one (lasted about a year or nearly everyday use) with the old packaging and the one on the right is obviously the new one. I prefer the old packaging for two reasons: firstly the new one doesn't have a mirror which I actually used quite a lot. secondly the new one has a screw top whic if your like me and sometimes put things down it can drive you crazy to find it again.
Overall this is my favourite concealer and I would definately recommend it. What is your favourite concealor?

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

My current make-up favourites

Okay above are my daily products at the moment. Yes it does kinda look like a lot but I assure you this equals a very neutral look. (starting from top left)
  • Sephora lipstick in innocent beige- I got it when I was in California and have been wearing it since. I wanted dolce nude but i had sold out. I love this so I'm not bothered. Its a gorgeous nude and it extremely moisturizing
  • Blouse&Skirt Sheer screen translucent in level 1- I got this and a few other blouse and skitrt products from TK Maxx for £10. It retails at £10 itself and I wouldnt buy it for that its a pretty basic powder. They have a dark brown shade for african skin tone and I'm tempted for contouring- a it pricey though.
  • Benefit boi-ing in shade 1- Best concealer ever.. review later
  • Ltd Eyelash curler- Appaling reviews on but I love it- metal ones give me square lashes.. not curled ones.
  • Rimmel White eyeliner- I usually use the benefit eye bright but only found it today so have been using it recently.. Its not as good as the benefit one for naturalness (?) but get for a 50's look
  • Natural collection bronzing pearls in Sahara Sun- great for warming up your complexion and completely affordable
  • Pixi Blush in Pretty petal- I've done a review and am still loving it :)
  • Clinique cream liner in coco shimmer- The lighter end. Great for subtle definition
  • Blouse&skirt the base in NY6- I got this in the set and as much as the colour, bright orange, is completely wrong it still in a favourite (A lot of rubbing in) I got it in the set too but it retails for £19.75 I would spend that for it but get the right coulour haha
  • 17 wild curls mascara- I love this stuff... already done a review :)
  • Frontcover palette in "COOL"- If you can buy it its £4 down from £8 and I love the shades and the palette I will do a proper review soon :)

So there you are my current favourites and 3 posts.. ahh now I just need to be more consistent haha

Next time I want to feel my face burn...

I'll turn to clean and clear deep action cream wash. I mean seriously.... my eyes were in agony, my face felt like it would drop off and yes its meant for your face- not stripping paint of metal. It's kinda needless to say that I wont be going near that face wash with a bargepole. It's not mine its my sisters and I used it as earlier I was playing with make-up and wanted to get it off so I tried it.. HORRIBLE stuff..
Seriously ladies do not waste those precious penny's.

Monday, 23 August 2010

LUSH- Dream Cream

Firstly would liketo apologize for the fact I have not written a post in well... weeks. After receiving my exam results there has been little time for anything but trying to improve them- so yeah needless to say summers been fun :) NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT

Anyway as a special treat I'm going to write 3 blog posts today..

So here goes. I popped into lush the other day to buy my friend a birthday present (there gift boxes are really nice) and decided to ask for a sample of Lush's dream cream. At work a few weeks ago on the checkout (yes student job haha) I spoke to a woman about the dream cream. She was getting it because of some sort of heat rash (I know in LONDON??). She told me her GP had prescribed it so had got a sample and loved it. Needless to say in about the 2 minutes talking to her I was convinced and picked up a sample. I have dry skin so I usually love to layer on the E45 before bed but this is quickly becoming my go to cream. Granted the smell is wierd (Lavender but not a nice version) but I like the results and it keeps my skin soft and recuperated after a day of heavy (ish) make-up.The sample was free (to the left) and as you can see its fairly big pot- I've been using it most days for the last few weeks and haven't properly dented the pot. If you were naughty you would keep getting the sample but i'm good so next time i'm near I'll definately be picking up a pot- Its about £10

Friday, 20 August 2010

Teeth teeth teeth...

I am sorry that I havent written a post in some time... However after returning from California teeth have really been on my mind. I found in America everyone (well nearly everyone) had perfect or near perfect teeth and it really reminded me how important dental hygiene really is. My aunt the queen of "advice", particularily when she's been on the pinot grigio, decided that along with the "independant women chat" the how important your teeth are lecture also came up. I take what I consider good care of my teeth: well I always brush my teeth twice a day, occasionally floss and use mouthwash fairly often.. but anyway she really drilled it home how important your teeth are.
So... When I got back I arranged a much needed dentist appointment which I had earlier today. The last time I had one I am ashamed to say was about two, yes TWO years ago, I was told last time that I had a mild case of gingivitus (spelling??) so I had a hygenist appointment and was told to floss daily, today I was similarily told that I mild gingivitus so I have to pay for ANOTHER hygenist appointment when I could have just flossed more.
Needless to say I've learnt my lesson (my teeth were completely fine- just the gums!!) and so I definately think you should take good care of your teeth by:
-Brush twice daily
-Floss once a day
-Use mouthwah daily
-Avoid too much sugar
Finally, I was also told that when I concerntrate I clench my jaw which is causing my teeth to wear down so if your teeth are changing shape then that may be the cause..... sorry about the lecture but I've started realising just HOW much I like my teeth in the current form not decayed in a few years haha.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Holiday make-up

Hi guys!! Well the time has come for my annual holiday to California (I am half American) and In packing last night I started thinking about make-up. I have brought one massive bag of make-up for my suitcase and a smaller make-up bag. Now is it just me but that is a lot especially for a family beach holiday, am I right? However I am unable to bring myself to get rid of anything as i worry that I just MIGHT need it haha. What do think does that sound a bit extreme??
Anyway I bringing quite a bit of money designated mainly to clothes and make-up (obviously in particular make-up haha) so any products you can particularily reccommend that CAN'T be bought in England??
On another note I have also bought a liitle pack of goodies for the plane. When I say goodies I mean all the items I bring on flight to ensure that I look off the plane perfect- or anyway atleast bearable after a 10 hour flight. From all the flying I have done in my life I can definately recommend on long flight some sort of comfy clothes like leggings or tracksuits, also bring face wipes to get the make-up off durng the flight and replace it just before you land. Eyedrops and sunglasses I would definately recommend... THere are lots of other things to make flight more enjoyable but I won't bore you with any others...
Anyway I may not have time over the next two weeks for a post but I hope I will have a lot of hauling tgo show you ;) so I hope you all have a couple of lovely stress free weeks :)

Friday, 30 July 2010

MissKC027 contest entry for July

Here are my answers for MissKC027's blog giveaway- You still have time to enter (until the 31st be quick!!) click here for details

1. What is makeup for you?

Make-up for me is a way that not only can you express your creative side but you can also make yourself feel wonderful inside by being super confident on the outside. Cheesy answer I know but its true :)

2. What is your makeup routine?

My usual makeup routine would be concealor (benefit boi-ing in shade 01), the tinted moisturizer (I use a nivea one.), some face powder (blouse and skirt), some bronzer (elf all over stick in toasted atm), my new pixi blush, some eye shadow (usual nude cream with metalic brown eyeshadow (models & co in miami )) some eyeliner (clinique quickliner usually) mascara (17 wild curls) and last but not least normally i'll use carmex or a simple gloss or nude lipstick:)

wow that sounds like a lot but I swear in only takes 10 minutes!!

Thanks for this great opportunity :)