Monday, 23 August 2010

LUSH- Dream Cream

Firstly would liketo apologize for the fact I have not written a post in well... weeks. After receiving my exam results there has been little time for anything but trying to improve them- so yeah needless to say summers been fun :) NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT

Anyway as a special treat I'm going to write 3 blog posts today..

So here goes. I popped into lush the other day to buy my friend a birthday present (there gift boxes are really nice) and decided to ask for a sample of Lush's dream cream. At work a few weeks ago on the checkout (yes student job haha) I spoke to a woman about the dream cream. She was getting it because of some sort of heat rash (I know in LONDON??). She told me her GP had prescribed it so had got a sample and loved it. Needless to say in about the 2 minutes talking to her I was convinced and picked up a sample. I have dry skin so I usually love to layer on the E45 before bed but this is quickly becoming my go to cream. Granted the smell is wierd (Lavender but not a nice version) but I like the results and it keeps my skin soft and recuperated after a day of heavy (ish) make-up.The sample was free (to the left) and as you can see its fairly big pot- I've been using it most days for the last few weeks and haven't properly dented the pot. If you were naughty you would keep getting the sample but i'm good so next time i'm near I'll definately be picking up a pot- Its about £10

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