Tuesday, 31 August 2010

My current make-up favourites

Okay above are my daily products at the moment. Yes it does kinda look like a lot but I assure you this equals a very neutral look. (starting from top left)
  • Sephora lipstick in innocent beige- I got it when I was in California and have been wearing it since. I wanted dolce nude but i had sold out. I love this so I'm not bothered. Its a gorgeous nude and it extremely moisturizing
  • Blouse&Skirt Sheer screen translucent in level 1- I got this and a few other blouse and skitrt products from TK Maxx for £10. It retails at £10 itself and I wouldnt buy it for that its a pretty basic powder. They have a dark brown shade for african skin tone and I'm tempted for contouring- a it pricey though.
  • Benefit boi-ing in shade 1- Best concealer ever.. review later
  • Ltd Eyelash curler- Appaling reviews on boots.com but I love it- metal ones give me square lashes.. not curled ones.
  • Rimmel White eyeliner- I usually use the benefit eye bright but only found it today so have been using it recently.. Its not as good as the benefit one for naturalness (?) but get for a 50's look
  • Natural collection bronzing pearls in Sahara Sun- great for warming up your complexion and completely affordable
  • Pixi Blush in Pretty petal- I've done a review and am still loving it :)
  • Clinique cream liner in coco shimmer- The lighter end. Great for subtle definition
  • Blouse&skirt the base in NY6- I got this in the set and as much as the colour, bright orange, is completely wrong it still in a favourite (A lot of rubbing in) I got it in the set too but it retails for £19.75 I would spend that for it but get the right coulour haha
  • 17 wild curls mascara- I love this stuff... already done a review :)
  • Frontcover palette in "COOL"- If you can buy it its £4 down from £8 and I love the shades and the palette I will do a proper review soon :)

So there you are my current favourites and 3 posts.. ahh now I just need to be more consistent haha

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  1. I purchased a Pixi eyeshadow palette a while back--haven't got to it yet, but your post about their blush makes me want to go play!