Friday, 30 July 2010

MissKC027 contest entry for July

Here are my answers for MissKC027's blog giveaway- You still have time to enter (until the 31st be quick!!) click here for details

1. What is makeup for you?

Make-up for me is a way that not only can you express your creative side but you can also make yourself feel wonderful inside by being super confident on the outside. Cheesy answer I know but its true :)

2. What is your makeup routine?

My usual makeup routine would be concealor (benefit boi-ing in shade 01), the tinted moisturizer (I use a nivea one.), some face powder (blouse and skirt), some bronzer (elf all over stick in toasted atm), my new pixi blush, some eye shadow (usual nude cream with metalic brown eyeshadow (models & co in miami )) some eyeliner (clinique quickliner usually) mascara (17 wild curls) and last but not least normally i'll use carmex or a simple gloss or nude lipstick:)

wow that sounds like a lot but I swear in only takes 10 minutes!!

Thanks for this great opportunity :)

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Pixi Blusher

After hearing lots of good things about the brand Pixi I treated myself to a new "energy blush" by them. At £14 for me it was a little pricey but having tried it out so far I think it is worth it. I got it in the colour Pretty Petal it is a pretty girly pink shde which is good for me as anything to red can make me look very unattractively flushed :/ The actual blush isn't very obvious but gives you a subtle pink sheen which is very pretty. The other part is a pale highlight which helps make this give you healthy radiant look. I've used it recently with it on my face without anything else which is rare (I love my bronzer and foundation) and I like the result as I find it really wakes you up. Thumbs up from me :)

Monday, 26 July 2010

Couple of summery item's i've bought recently

Excuse the awful title I am not in a particularily creative- title sort of mood haha!!

On to the clothes. Below is one of my favourite new tops from H&M. It was £7.99 and although i wasn't sure about it in the shop I am now loving it. Its baggy and short nut not cropped- don't worry I'm not trying to pull that off haha.

I also got this playsuit from H&M a few weeks ago and it was a bargain at £7.99. I wore it on a flight as its super comfy but still fashionable- so very me!! One bad thing (excuse the crudeness) its not exactly toilet friendly haha- but still I love it! Would you wear a play suit?

Finally I bought this top from the new look sale about a week ago. It was £8 down from £22!! I know I always find a good bargain. Anyway I love the shoulder detail and the colour I think is very grown up. I have worn with a pair of jean and it looks casual but if you wanted to wear it to work it would look perfect I think with a high waisted pencil skirt.
What do you think? Do you like them or not?? (sorry about the bad photography hehe)

Massive Blog giveaway!!!!

If like me your interested in any amazing giveaway I would recommend checking out this link: here. She has compilied a huge giveway filled with loads of goodies!

All you have to do is be a follower and your in with a chance!!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Best Mascara I've tried recently

The other day in boots I decided to buy a new mascara and with not much thought picked up 17 Wild Curls mascara- embarrassingly because of the free gift!! This seemed to be completely wrong in the sense that the mascara was very good but the gift was well fine, it came with an eyelash curler which keeps breaking if you close it enough to actually effect the eyelash, and eyeliner which is fine- probably won't be using it- and a fairly good pair of tweezers.

On to the mascara. Having recently bought the appallingly bad Collection 2000 mascara (soo bad i threw it out) I really wanted to find a good new what that had some difference to my other favourites- clinique high-impact mascara or Maybelline XXL Pro length+ volume- so I chose a curl one. I am soooo impressed it holds curls literally for hours (maybe create one for my poker straight hair???), the colour is very black (not of that namby-pamby greyish rubbish) and I loooooove the packaging. Definately one of my new favourites and Five stars from me!!
On another note I've been looking on the website and have noticed some SERIOUS BARGAINS so I would recommend having a look on it to buy some great discount cosmetics!!!
Thankyou for reading and follow me to make my day :)

Sunday, 18 July 2010

A little bit off Topic :)

I know this is meant to be a "beauty" blog but I must share with you the recipe of saviours!! If like me you adore your chips its all to easy to either go crazy with a mcdonalds large or entirely ban yourself from so much as smelling a chip (any contact tends to make me hungryyyy!) So in my younger years of Teen vogue I came across this recipe: Devin Alexander Mcdonalds Fries from her book "Fast food Fix", it makes the most delicious french fries which I must say I absolutely love... Anyway being as lovely a I am ;) I will share the recipe:

  • 1 3/4 teaspoons salt

  • 2 Russet poatoes (1 pound= o.45 Kilos)

  • 1 teaspoon of Extra virgin olive oil

Bring a large pot of water to a boil over high heat. Add 1 Teaspoon of salt. Meanwhile, Preheat the oven to 400 F (about 200DC). Set the potatoes ona cuting board. Make straight cuts on the 4 long sides of the potatoes to remove peel (I never bother myself). With a vegetable peeler or small knife pell the ends of the potatoes. Discard the peels. With a KNife, cut the remaining potatoes lengthwise into 1/4 inch think sticks, varying in length. On a scale, weigh 9 onces of potatoes or measure two cups. Transfer the potatoes into the boiling water. Cook for exactly 2 1/2 minutes- no longer or they break. Drain in a colander. set aside for 5 minitues to cool.

Transfer the potatoes to a mixing bowl. Add the oil and 1/2 teaspoon of salt. Carefully tos to coat well. Place the potatoes not touching in a single layer to a large nonstick baking sheet. Bake for 20-25 minutes turning potatoes about every 5 minutes, or until crisp and golden.

Approx 244 calories, 5g fat and <1g>

Please note that had nothing to do with the recipe and you can find the book on Amazon for about £9.99

Best Face Wash ever!!!

If you have skin anything like mine (i.e quite dry :( ) then finding a good face wash that won't make our face unbelievably dry is a mammoth task. Anyway, last year before going to a small welsh festival (verry interesting!) I needed face wipes and being in tesco I saw these babies and thought that I might as well try them as they were about £2. Being completely pleased with them (they didn't make my skin feel red raw) I decided to try this: My skin Rise and Glow daily Facial Wash.Unlike most face washes it isn't gel based and so is creamy and lovely! The strawberry in it "helps to control skin blemishes" and the cimicifuga (whatever that is!) "controls excess shine and oil". It gives you that clean feeling but also moisturises your skin- So no more dry skin days!!

I am on my fourth bottle of this £2.19 bargain and am still loving it. I plan on doing reviews on the other products in the range as I have them all!

On a final note, what could I do to get more blog followers in your opinion???

Saturday, 17 July 2010

My Guilty Pleasures 1

Peter Andre- The next Chapter

I am usually a bit of a Katie Price fan, but with a lack of her shows I decided to watch Peter andre and I am finding myself slowly falling in love with him. He is sooooo cute with the kids and everyone that he just MAKES you love him. Anyway I 'm a lover of reality shows so this one definately is filling the hole at the moment.

Snack-a- Jacks salt and vinegar

I love everything about crisps however due to the summer holiday looming they just aren't really suitable, HOWEVER, these snacks are soooo goooooooood .... mmm I had some earlier and want more now!!!! They are very low fat (well they are rice cakes!) and calories but full of flavour... BUY THEM NOW!!

Yes, I know, I never though I would but I'm loving this shop. My sister and I went there the other day (her idea-I was being a bit of a snob) and I am loving the cheapness. I love myself a quick bargain and this place was full of it, I got some shampoo- which is very good! as well as curlers (the bendy ones- just wanted to try them) and yes a five packs of trebor mints. My sister got some nickie clarke hair serum for yes- £1!!
What are your guilty pleasures?

Monday, 12 July 2010

Clinique all about eyes

At £22 a pop this isn't exactly the most cheap product out there (especially as its so tiny), but I have to say it is my go to eye cream. I got it as a gift last christmas (I would never have bought it otherwise hehe) and have been using it a couple times a week since. Despite being tiny, in many ways its worth the cash, having used it this often I still have sooooo much (well over half) so it would last at least a year. Also a little bit goes a looooong way as its super moisturising and keeps it soft and not at all greasy. You can use it at night, or use it just before makeup, and as it is suitable for all skin types I can recommend it to everyone. it may have a steep price tag but your paying for quality and a product that will last you ages!!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Johnson's Baby Oil

I'm going to do a small series of cheap items which you should just own because well, they are cheap and useful! I already blogged about E45 cream which I think is great on a number of levels especially if you have dry skin like me.
A few days ago i picked up Johnsons baby oil after deciding for £1.99 I might as well test it out. Anyway, as I was out of shaving gel and having read about it on the internet I used it to shave under my arms. Seriously you don't NEED shaving gel because this baby works twice as well. It protests the skin and leaves it silky smooth. I have also used it because my legs seemed particularily dry (the sun) and so I used it on my legs as a body oil moisturizer- it worked perfectly and wasn't to sticky like some body oils. I used the vaseline coco butter oil but it gave me a strong allergic reaction and so this is the perfect cheap alternative. Finaly although I have only recently purchased it I am very happy with the results and so will definately buy again in the future, also you can read up about its many uses on the internet including DIY uses!!! Needless to say a definate must have.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Natural Collection Vanilla Body Lotion

As promised last week I DID go out and pick this up from boots for the small price of £3.10. Similarily to the body scrub I couldn't be more pleased with this purchase. As I was in Italy in 36 degree weather I can promise you it dried quickly and wasn't at all sticky. Again I love the scent and after using it after my body scrub I smelt all lovely and vanillery as well as being SILKY smooth- result!! Soft, exfoliated legs for just over £6- WHO could complain :)

Mini Italian Haul

So this week I was in Italy (why I haven't made any posts!) although I went on a 'cultural trip' I still managed to find the time and money to buy some make-up. I went to a make-up shop (and brand) called KIKO and found a sale on, so naturally I spent several euro's on make-up (it was so cheap though so only about £10). I bought two eye shadows in shade 56 and 78 and I absolutely love them, the green is so stunning, not too bold but gives you a burst of colour (a change from my usual variations on shimmery brown). The other eyeshadow looks white but in reality it is more of an iridescent purple- I actually love it (they were 2.90 each)! I also bought a charcoal grey eyeliner (only 1.90 euro!!) which is longlasting and a smokey variation again on my usual black. Finally I bought a clear nail polish because it had the slightly purple tint that I love as it helps with the staining (2.95).

Because the brand is only sold in Germany, Italy and Spain (I think you may be able to get it online) I have found some alternatives:
-The purpley eyeshadow- the body shop do a similar one which was why i wanted this one, I didn't get it though as it's £9. The shadow is an eye shimmer in violet, it looks white like this one.
- The Green Eyeshadow-Maybelline expert wear mono eyeshadow in khaki chic for £3.99- i just bought the cream one and will do a review soon
-The grey eyeliner- Rimmel soft khol eye pencil in stormy grey £2.99
-The clear nail polish- being reaaallly unhelpful.. I used to have a barbara daly one in the same colour but can't remember how much it costs and I have also seen one from Rimmel for about a fiver.

Needless to say although this was in sale, the cost of items there were very reasonable and so I would definately recommend going there if you happen to be in one of those countries! Ciao for now :)

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Lust List (1)

Ok, so maybe lust list isn't the best ever name, but wishlist it just a bit boring, anyway here are the items i'm lusting after at the moment

Natural Collection Vanilla Body Cream
I reviewed the scrub and since I'm happy with that I find myself wanting this, the moisturiser. It's pretty cheap at £2.99 so to be honest for that price I'll be happy with a basic product. I love vanilla and as I reeeeeeeeeeaaaallly neeeeed (I only have 10 others) a new body moisturiser I want to give it a try. I think i'm going to buy it today so expect a review soon :)

Bloom sheer colour cream in Coy
I want to try this all-in-one (lips, cheeks, eye (won't put pink on my eyes though)) because I like the idea of make-up being versatile. Coy is pink and corally so I think it would work well on my colouring. Its quite expensive though at £10, so i think i'll wait till my next pay check as my wish list is so long (obviously not only these three items!!)

Eyeko cream
I plan on getting a small haul of eyeko products soon as there is free shipping on orders over £35 (i.e. all their nail polishes and a graffiti eyeliner). I am excited for this in particular because I'm in a sort of 'lets find a perfect highlighter' as I find good ones hard to come across. I have some powder ones and a stick one but don't have a cream or anything like this so I'm definately excited!! I'll review it later once i've bought it a tested it out.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Olay Refreshing toner

I have to admit that I really am not at all good about using different cleansers together as part of my routine, however I recently made a sort of half year- resolution to take waaaay better care of my skin. I always just use a face wash and moisturiser as I always think of cleansing and toning etc as so much effort. In superdrug the other day I decided to buy this toner by olay. I have to admit I am really pleased with it- if not slightly disgusted by the fact even after my beloved face wash I STILL have make up to remove. Anyway onto the product, it's easy to use and smells delicious- just clean and cucumbery (not really a word but still). What I find most impressive is the fact that it doesnt dry out my skin, probably because its alcohol free, and makes my skin soft, clear and feeling super clean. I love it- so far I am following my resolution hehe.