Friday, 20 August 2010

Teeth teeth teeth...

I am sorry that I havent written a post in some time... However after returning from California teeth have really been on my mind. I found in America everyone (well nearly everyone) had perfect or near perfect teeth and it really reminded me how important dental hygiene really is. My aunt the queen of "advice", particularily when she's been on the pinot grigio, decided that along with the "independant women chat" the how important your teeth are lecture also came up. I take what I consider good care of my teeth: well I always brush my teeth twice a day, occasionally floss and use mouthwash fairly often.. but anyway she really drilled it home how important your teeth are.
So... When I got back I arranged a much needed dentist appointment which I had earlier today. The last time I had one I am ashamed to say was about two, yes TWO years ago, I was told last time that I had a mild case of gingivitus (spelling??) so I had a hygenist appointment and was told to floss daily, today I was similarily told that I mild gingivitus so I have to pay for ANOTHER hygenist appointment when I could have just flossed more.
Needless to say I've learnt my lesson (my teeth were completely fine- just the gums!!) and so I definately think you should take good care of your teeth by:
-Brush twice daily
-Floss once a day
-Use mouthwah daily
-Avoid too much sugar
Finally, I was also told that when I concerntrate I clench my jaw which is causing my teeth to wear down so if your teeth are changing shape then that may be the cause..... sorry about the lecture but I've started realising just HOW much I like my teeth in the current form not decayed in a few years haha.


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  2. Cool, but mind whitening teeth once a year at the dentist anyway, that's another useful thing