Thursday, 24 June 2010

clinique cream shaper for eyes

One of my first expensive buys, (well, my grandma got it for me for christmas ;)) was the clinique cream shaper for eyes. Since having this eye liner buying a new one, including my other favourite clinique eyeliner (quickliner for eye), seems rather pointless. It has the slightest shimmer in which is great to brighten up your eyes, but DOESN'T I assure you, make you look like your wearing a five year olds eyeliner hehe.

Its only £13 (more than I would usually spend on an eyeliner but its speeecial) and worth every last penny!!! Its easy to use and creamy- it just glides on!! Ahhhh thinking about it makes me want to buy more!!! Currently I only have mink, cocoa shimmer and chocolate lustre (I had another but lost it :( ). Anyway although i cant seem to find some of my colours online, I can guarantee you that ANY colour would be amazing- Its so worth it!!

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