Friday, 25 June 2010

Loves and Hates (1)


Katy perry ft. snoop dogg- California gurls
Ahh the sounds of summer haha. I love this song its upbeat and fresh as well as being a perfctly summery tune. I love the video too, its completely dripping with sugar!!!

Workout DVD's
I never though I would have excersise in my love section. The thought of sweating like a pig and feeling like your legs are going to drop off never strangely did it for me before, however the call of the summer has suddenly made me feel the pressure and so, after reading good reviews, I amazingly bought an excersise video- even more amazingly I've actually been doing it. It's the ministry of sound pump it up DVD and I'm loving the dance mixed in with what seems like hundreds of lunges. Over the last two weeks I've done it about 5 days a week and the results have been impressive, all in the privacy of your own home- so no more excuses! I bought it for £6.99 of Amazon (2004 version).
At last the snowy beginning of 2K10 has left us and the sun has arrived. It has been hot nearly every day this week and I have at last thrown in my jeans in favour for a skirt or shorts. I can tell this summer is going to be good even if there seems to be an inevitable hose pipe ban.

Collection 2000 hot looks nail polish in button moon and Dynasty
After hearing good things about this nail polish I decided to go an purchase a few, well 5 to be specific. At the moment I have only tried button moon(pastle blue) and dynasty(pastel pink/purple) altough I also have hula hoop (barbie pink), fruit salad (coral/red/pink shade) and show off (mermaid blue.) I am loving the colours and the actual nail polish as it is fairly easy to apply and fast drying. At £1.79 a pop they are definately worth it- at the moment in boots AND suerdrug if you spend more that £4 on collection 2000 you get a free lipgloss, I shamefully have three!!!!

button moon Dynasty

Maybelline XXL Intense Mascara
For a long time the mascara I couldnt live without was this one. So much so, it ran out so fast and due to my tiny budget I couldn't splash out, the longer it took I soon forgot and started using others. Yesterday going through my stash I found the old tube, istead of throwing it out, I used the tiniest lst remaining bit left and oh my god.. how could I carry on without it?!?! It was just as I remembered, long and voluminous lashes in seconds! At £8.99 It isn't cheap but its not really expensive- I plan on stocking up this weekend

Big brushed mascara's!!!
In keeping with Mascara's, I realised a few days ago that the worse type of mascara in the world are those with fat brushes. In order to get my free collection 2000 lipgloss- I know tragic- I decided that as I needed a new mascara I might as well get a collection 2000 one, I chose volume sensation. The wierd thing is I knew there was something wrong spending £5 on a collection 2000 mascara- it seemed oh so wrong, anyway I brough it home and firstly it wasn't that good, and just like every other big brushed mascara from benefit bad gal to this are completely the same. They smudge everywhere, you cant get to all the lashes - the corners? Just forget it.

I want my £5 back!

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