Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Natural Collection Lipstick

On the recommendation from Dazzledust25 ( I bought the natural collection moisture shine lipstick in Apple Blossom. I have very mixed views on it.

Left to Right: the lipstick/ lipstick only/ with benefit 'her glossiness didn't hear it from me'

I really want to love it because at £1.99 its the perfect price but I'm gonna be honest I wasn't blown away. The lipstick was creamy and moisturizing and I really liked that, the colour too was nice as I like nudes with a pink undertone. It lasted fairly well for a moisture lipstick however, the colour rolled and smudged easily it just moved my lips so I was constantly having to sort it out. For that reason, it was quite high maintenance. I like that its not chalky either as I find a lot of nude lipsticks look powdery on your lips.
Overall, I can't really decide If I like it because of the high maintenance and smudginess, I think I'll buy a few other colours and see if I like them more- definately a bargin though!!!

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