Friday, 25 June 2010

glamour magazine benefit make-up

I thought I would review and share my experiences with the three, free benefit pencils in this months Glamour.
Bad Gal eyeliner

I get it sent to me each month so I was excited when a full-size Bad Gal eyeliner fell through my letter box. I've tred it a couple of times and to be honest if I didnt get it for free it would definately NOT be worth the £12 or whatever it is priced at. Obviously, its packaing is attractive but I find the eyeliner not particularily easy to use because of its size, similarily the colour isn't actually very Black and so I may use it as it's free, but to be honest I wouldn't buy it- I'm sticking to clinique!!


I then went on the search for the other two glamour items, eventually after about 4 shops I managed to find Eye- Bright. It is supposed to make you look more awake if you draw a line on your waterline, previously I would have used my trusty white rimmel pencil for this and I have never needed anything else for the job. I really like the product, its slightly more natural than a block white line and it definately opens up your eye and makes it awake- maybe not worth however much it is (around £12) but it is a product I happy to have!!

The It-stick

I am a massive fan of benefit boi-ing it is one of the best- I have the palest shade which is prefect to waken up you eyes but unfortunately I am running out :( Therefore I was MORE than happy to try another Benefit concealer and I was fairly impressed with the results, it's easy to apply and lasts quite long. I've heard some bad things about it although in my opinion it is a perfectly good product which you would expect from benefit!!

Maybe not my favourite products but of course I couldn't let this £6 opportunity pass me by!!


  1. When i was watching lollipop26 and she mentioned the free benefit products, i did the same thing most girls would. Rushed out and got copies..

    Congrats on the blog, your doing great. Keep up the good work.

  2. i'm a little bummed that i didn't get these. sigh. oh well. :)

  3. @Kellie- thankyou so much for following need to get a few more haha.
    @Lane :)- It sounds like I dont like them but im glad i got them