Sunday, 18 July 2010

Best Face Wash ever!!!

If you have skin anything like mine (i.e quite dry :( ) then finding a good face wash that won't make our face unbelievably dry is a mammoth task. Anyway, last year before going to a small welsh festival (verry interesting!) I needed face wipes and being in tesco I saw these babies and thought that I might as well try them as they were about £2. Being completely pleased with them (they didn't make my skin feel red raw) I decided to try this: My skin Rise and Glow daily Facial Wash.Unlike most face washes it isn't gel based and so is creamy and lovely! The strawberry in it "helps to control skin blemishes" and the cimicifuga (whatever that is!) "controls excess shine and oil". It gives you that clean feeling but also moisturises your skin- So no more dry skin days!!

I am on my fourth bottle of this £2.19 bargain and am still loving it. I plan on doing reviews on the other products in the range as I have them all!

On a final note, what could I do to get more blog followers in your opinion???

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