Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Pixi Blusher

After hearing lots of good things about the brand Pixi I treated myself to a new "energy blush" by them. At £14 for me it was a little pricey but having tried it out so far I think it is worth it. I got it in the colour Pretty Petal it is a pretty girly pink shde which is good for me as anything to red can make me look very unattractively flushed :/ The actual blush isn't very obvious but gives you a subtle pink sheen which is very pretty. The other part is a pale highlight which helps make this give you healthy radiant look. I've used it recently with it on my face without anything else which is rare (I love my bronzer and foundation) and I like the result as I find it really wakes you up. Thumbs up from me :)


  1. What a lovely blusher..

    check out my page, a giveaway will be coming soon..

  2. Yes I would definately recommend :)
    Oooh im very excited :)

  3. I recently bought my first PIXI product...have yet to try it but your post makes me excited about getting to it! Have a great day! =)