Sunday, 25 July 2010

Best Mascara I've tried recently

The other day in boots I decided to buy a new mascara and with not much thought picked up 17 Wild Curls mascara- embarrassingly because of the free gift!! This seemed to be completely wrong in the sense that the mascara was very good but the gift was well fine, it came with an eyelash curler which keeps breaking if you close it enough to actually effect the eyelash, and eyeliner which is fine- probably won't be using it- and a fairly good pair of tweezers.

On to the mascara. Having recently bought the appallingly bad Collection 2000 mascara (soo bad i threw it out) I really wanted to find a good new what that had some difference to my other favourites- clinique high-impact mascara or Maybelline XXL Pro length+ volume- so I chose a curl one. I am soooo impressed it holds curls literally for hours (maybe create one for my poker straight hair???), the colour is very black (not of that namby-pamby greyish rubbish) and I loooooove the packaging. Definately one of my new favourites and Five stars from me!!
On another note I've been looking on the website and have noticed some SERIOUS BARGAINS so I would recommend having a look on it to buy some great discount cosmetics!!!
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