Sunday, 11 July 2010

Johnson's Baby Oil

I'm going to do a small series of cheap items which you should just own because well, they are cheap and useful! I already blogged about E45 cream which I think is great on a number of levels especially if you have dry skin like me.
A few days ago i picked up Johnsons baby oil after deciding for £1.99 I might as well test it out. Anyway, as I was out of shaving gel and having read about it on the internet I used it to shave under my arms. Seriously you don't NEED shaving gel because this baby works twice as well. It protests the skin and leaves it silky smooth. I have also used it because my legs seemed particularily dry (the sun) and so I used it on my legs as a body oil moisturizer- it worked perfectly and wasn't to sticky like some body oils. I used the vaseline coco butter oil but it gave me a strong allergic reaction and so this is the perfect cheap alternative. Finaly although I have only recently purchased it I am very happy with the results and so will definately buy again in the future, also you can read up about its many uses on the internet including DIY uses!!! Needless to say a definate must have.

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