Saturday, 17 July 2010

My Guilty Pleasures 1

Peter Andre- The next Chapter

I am usually a bit of a Katie Price fan, but with a lack of her shows I decided to watch Peter andre and I am finding myself slowly falling in love with him. He is sooooo cute with the kids and everyone that he just MAKES you love him. Anyway I 'm a lover of reality shows so this one definately is filling the hole at the moment.

Snack-a- Jacks salt and vinegar

I love everything about crisps however due to the summer holiday looming they just aren't really suitable, HOWEVER, these snacks are soooo goooooooood .... mmm I had some earlier and want more now!!!! They are very low fat (well they are rice cakes!) and calories but full of flavour... BUY THEM NOW!!

Yes, I know, I never though I would but I'm loving this shop. My sister and I went there the other day (her idea-I was being a bit of a snob) and I am loving the cheapness. I love myself a quick bargain and this place was full of it, I got some shampoo- which is very good! as well as curlers (the bendy ones- just wanted to try them) and yes a five packs of trebor mints. My sister got some nickie clarke hair serum for yes- £1!!
What are your guilty pleasures?

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