Saturday, 3 July 2010

Olay Refreshing toner

I have to admit that I really am not at all good about using different cleansers together as part of my routine, however I recently made a sort of half year- resolution to take waaaay better care of my skin. I always just use a face wash and moisturiser as I always think of cleansing and toning etc as so much effort. In superdrug the other day I decided to buy this toner by olay. I have to admit I am really pleased with it- if not slightly disgusted by the fact even after my beloved face wash I STILL have make up to remove. Anyway onto the product, it's easy to use and smells delicious- just clean and cucumbery (not really a word but still). What I find most impressive is the fact that it doesnt dry out my skin, probably because its alcohol free, and makes my skin soft, clear and feeling super clean. I love it- so far I am following my resolution hehe.

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