Friday, 9 July 2010

Mini Italian Haul

So this week I was in Italy (why I haven't made any posts!) although I went on a 'cultural trip' I still managed to find the time and money to buy some make-up. I went to a make-up shop (and brand) called KIKO and found a sale on, so naturally I spent several euro's on make-up (it was so cheap though so only about £10). I bought two eye shadows in shade 56 and 78 and I absolutely love them, the green is so stunning, not too bold but gives you a burst of colour (a change from my usual variations on shimmery brown). The other eyeshadow looks white but in reality it is more of an iridescent purple- I actually love it (they were 2.90 each)! I also bought a charcoal grey eyeliner (only 1.90 euro!!) which is longlasting and a smokey variation again on my usual black. Finally I bought a clear nail polish because it had the slightly purple tint that I love as it helps with the staining (2.95).

Because the brand is only sold in Germany, Italy and Spain (I think you may be able to get it online) I have found some alternatives:
-The purpley eyeshadow- the body shop do a similar one which was why i wanted this one, I didn't get it though as it's £9. The shadow is an eye shimmer in violet, it looks white like this one.
- The Green Eyeshadow-Maybelline expert wear mono eyeshadow in khaki chic for £3.99- i just bought the cream one and will do a review soon
-The grey eyeliner- Rimmel soft khol eye pencil in stormy grey £2.99
-The clear nail polish- being reaaallly unhelpful.. I used to have a barbara daly one in the same colour but can't remember how much it costs and I have also seen one from Rimmel for about a fiver.

Needless to say although this was in sale, the cost of items there were very reasonable and so I would definately recommend going there if you happen to be in one of those countries! Ciao for now :)

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